East Coast Women's Pro Golf Tour

Frequently Asked Auestions

Is this a new tour?

Yes (and no). The NWGA will no longer exist. We bought it and we have renamed it and are rebuilding it from the ground up to serve its players even better. The ECWPGT is a new tour which is adopting the NWGA’s prior footprint in Florida and expanding it to provide more opportunities for female professional developmental players along the entire East coast. The tour will look, feel, and act like a new tour, an continue our mission of creating more playing opportunities for female athletes to play and make a living.

What does it mean to the players?

First and foremost, more tournaments to play and more money to earn. As importantly, we are building a tour to deliver to them the respect they deserve as professional athletes, which means good courses, good money and a tournament that feels like an actual happening.  

What does this mean to the women’s golf landscape overall?

With the PXG Women’s Match Play Championship, we did our part to amplify the conversation about female athletes inside and outside the ropes as valuable and critical contributors to the game, the business side of the industry and to the communities they serve. What we then learned was that there really is no developmental system for women’s professional golf in the US. Like most elements of the golf business, it’s based on the men’s model; it’s the “Shrink and pink” program – play the mini tours and see what happens. That cannot work for women because the cost-to-revenue model doesn't yet support their "business model" on a national level.  Women golfers are essentially "regional business," so we're kind of creating an eastern regional marketplace for them to ply their trade and make a living doing it.

What’s changing from the NWGA to the ECWPGT?

Pretty much everything. This isn’t a rebrand. It is a rebuild. Scott was ready to try new things and we wanted to build on what the NWGA started. We will work hard to make it an even better tour and provide a better playing and earning experience for the players. Sometimes "mini tour" events can feel like organized money games, transactional in nature. That’s not us. Players competing in our events, as Tour members or guests, professionals, or amateurs, will experience a professional feeling that truly gets them ready to succeed at the next level. This is players’ tour.  Your game and performance is on you.  But we're going to provide the platform for you to continue your journey.

What does "player's tour" mean?

First, we built this concept with player input. We have a great Advisory Board not just of present players to tell us what they need, but with players who have graduated beyond the mini tours and now play at the LPGA and Symetra Tour levels, as well as players who had to retire because of the financial drain it takes to get there. We are creating tournaments and opportunities for more players, especially players who can't afford to be "national businesses," because the money isn’t there to justify the front-end travel. We think ultimately this will create a broader pipeline to the LPGA by casting a wider net and help them identify players sooner, which is also good for sponsors and a TV audience.

How do I become a member?

Just go to Join the ECPWGT and join.  You do not have to be a member to play the ECWPGT events, but we made membership affordable and it will save you money down the road.

What’s the planned Tour schedule?

We’re still working on our schedule.  We have very strict policies when we choose a site: they have to welcome our tour with open arms, share our respect for the women’s game and provide an atmosphere that proves it.  We launched the tour January 17, 2022 at Black Bear Golf Club as kind of our soft opening. We then hosted a "louder" event at Rio Pinar in Orlando during the PGA Merchandise Show. Four more events for the winter and we’ll wrap it up back at Rio Pinar for the Winter Series Finale. The summer Official Money Season will begin in late April. We’ll then head to New England and work our way back down to FLA, wrapping up with the Tour Celebration at the PXG Women’s Match Play Championship at World Golf Village the first week of November. We will also continue the Q School Prep Series, starting at Mission Hills in Palm Desert the week prior to Stage One. Again, we are a developmental tour. Our mission is to help players develop and earn a living while doing so.  Keep an eye on the schedule page for updates and changes.

What does that mean, “developmental tour?”

This is a highly competitive professional women’s golf tour featuring some of the best rising star players in the world. This is where the next LPGA players are coming from. This is where the Solheim Cup will be won. We just don’t like the word “mini-tour.” There is nothing “mini” about these women. They’re exceptional players who simply need more time to develop. Only three players – maybe - are coming out of college ready to succeed at the LPGA level. The rest need a couple of years to transition. They have big talent, big passion for the game and a big appetite for success. The only thing mini about this level of women’s golf is the earning potential and we are working hard to change that.

Who can play on this tour?

The priority is women professional players not yet on the LPGA or working to get back there. Epson Tour players are invited. Amateurs will be allowed to play, but never at the expense of a pro trying to make a living. We love amateurs and juniors, but they have their own wealth of events in which to play. Professional women have very few and that’s why we’re here.

Are you competing with the WAPT and Cactus Tour?

We don’t think of it that way. We take a rising tide raise raises all boats approach to this. We’re creating new opportunities, particularly for the underserved players in the East who literally have nothing to play but a handful of state opens. If you live in New England or Virginia, can you afford a steady diet of national travel?  Many players simply aren’t playing, and some who are can’t always afford to be, so we're doing them a service that we know the other tours respect.  We're all in this for the right reasons - to provide opportunities for female players.  No one is retiring from running a developmental tour.

Then why do it?

Because it’s a mission for me. I asked my daughter the same question and she said, “Because no one else is doing it, dad.” That’s all I needed to hear. Why not and why not me? I’d do it for free if I could, but this tour will be a profitable business. The players understand that no one at any level is doing this solely out of philanthropy and neither am I, nor is Gary and nor is Mike. I’m marrying my love for women’s golf, my passion for women’s issues, and my love for a great marketing puzzle. What’s wrong with that equation?  We’re all in it together…our team, our players, our host courses and our corporate partners. 

How do women’s initiatives come into play?

This is not just about women’s golf.  By virtue of being a Girl Dad, the husband of an amazingly strong woman and the only child of a single mom, my passion for women's issues runs deep. This is also about the bigger conversation of creating opportunities outside the ropes for women, whether that's in the golf business or other industries. I walked beside my daughter for her golf career, and I saw how inferior the girls (and then women) are conditioned to feel and, sadly – madly! – that has a lasting effect. I’ve seen enough and I’m putting my money where my mouth is to create some change. Like we did with Generation W at the PXGWMPC, we plan to have some type of women’s empowerment events at each tournament.

Will current Members get a refund?

Of course, but we hope they’re not going to want one. If you’re already a member, then you’re going to love the improvements of the ECWPGT. We are rolling out member pricing this year for $149. If you paid the full price, then we’ll credit your account toward entry fees or tour merch.