East Coast Women's Pro Golf Tour

Fan Admission Always Free

Inspiration by Aspiration

Come on out and see what talent, hard work and dedication looks like.  These are women playing for their future. When the guys you see on TV are standing over a $250,000 four foot putt, they’re playing for someone else’s money.  That’s not pressure.  Pressure is when you’re standing over a nervey four footer and it’s for next week’s entry fees or tonight’s meal money or gas money to get to the next tournament.  And it’s her own money.

Most golf fans don’t realize that developmental tour players, women and men, are among the only professional athletes who pay to go to work. Think about it this way: ECWPGT is to the LPGA what AA+ baseball is to Major League Baseball.  Pro golfers at this level pay to go to work.  They have to cover their own entry fees, travel, hotels, meals on the road, training, coaching, nutrition – on top of rent and utilities.  Most of them have night jobs as servers, baristas and even oil refinery workers (for real!).  The AA baseball player gets paid $35-50,000 per year and has all of those expenses covered.  The best female AA player in the country last year made less than $30,000,and was excited that in this “successful season” she only lost about $20,000 as a full season can cost more than $50,000 to run.  If you’re a guy playing at this level, you’re making $50,000-100,000+ and there are more than 30 tours for men to play on compared to the three for women.

We’re creating change by creating more playing opportunities for them, building bigger purses and inviting people out to see how good these players really are.  You may not know their names yet, but you’ll see them on TV soon enough.  Come meet them now.

If you’d like to help them by contributing to the purse or to help offset travel expenses, please consider our Access Golf Fund by clicking here.  If you’re company is looking for a great women’s initiative to support, please consider that, too!


Spectator Policy

·        Spectator’s must walk

·        Please stay on cart paths.  You are not allowed to walk in the fairways with the players unless you are deemed a caddy and, in which case, wearing a ECWPGT Caddie Bib.

·        You may apply for a Spectator Cart if you have a verifiable handicap and if the course has carts available.  Typically their fleet is reserved for open play following our rounds.  You may apply for a Spectator Cart by emailing Teisha@ecwpgt.com